CertainTeed® Solar Roofing Receives Top Rankings from Building Professionals

In a recent survey of more than 10,000 building professionals, CertainTeed® solar roofing systems received top rankings in terms of quality, brand familiarity and frequency of use. Through an independent study conducted by Readex Research, the survey is published on an annual basis by Builder magazine.

“This recognition from the building community is a testament to our strategic, compelling approach to the solar roofing market,” said Bob Gardiner, vice president for marketing at CertainTeed Roofing. “Through intense product innovation, contractor training and technical support we’ve helped transform our existing roofing contractor base into solar roofing pros. And, by growing the pool of qualified solar roofing contractors, we are making these energy-saving technologies more accessible to the average homeowner.”

Each year Builder magazine publishes its Brand Use Study to provide an in-depth look at the brands that builders, developers, and general contractors recognize and use most. The survey also includes a ranking for overall product quality. CertainTeed solar roofing, which includes Apollo® and Powermax®, achieved top rankings across all categories.

“Our solar roofing products offer a sleek, streamlined appearance and unrivaled performance, which ultimately helps reduce the dependence on traditional energy sources and decreases carbon emissions,” added Gardiner. “We are committed to growing the adoption of solar roofing to help ensure an ecologically-sound future.”

The Apollo Solar Roofing System features highly integrated polycrystalline solar panels. It is lightweight, durable, resistant to wind uplift, and can easily be installed on an existing roof or with a new roof that combines solar panels and asphalt shingles. Unlike rack-mounted solar systems, Apollo fully integrates with roofing shingles for a clean, seamless appearance. Each slim, 12-pound module features 14 high-efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar cells that absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity.

PowerMax Photovoltaic Modules combine sleek aesthetics and an innovative Copper-Indium-Selenium (CIS) thin film technology for the most efficient cost-to-power ratio in the industry. The rack-mounted modules can be easily integrated into residential or commercial roofing systems. Manufactured by Saint-Gobain, the world’s largest building materials company and parent company to CertainTeed, PowerMax offers an ultra-efficient, cost-effective module solution with a sophisticated, sleek design.

For more information about CertainTeed products, visit http://www.certainteedsolar.com.

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