How To Keep Your Home and Roof Safe From Fourth of July Fireworks

How To Keep Your Home and Roof Safe From Fourth of July FireworksThe Fourth of July is a day for celebrating that usually involves barbeque, cold drinks and fireworks. Regardless of the legality of giving your fireworks show, Monarch Roofing, a Houston roofer, suggests some information on how to protect your home from damage due to wayward fireworks.

Remove the Branches.
While fireworks burn rather hot only briefly, that is all it takes to catch a tree branch that is hanging too low on your roof. Make sure to cut back these branches and limbs to reduce the availability of starting a serious fire. It is also a great idea to remove these as a lot of roof damage occurs due to fallen limbs during storms.

Clean those Gutters.
Your home’s gutters are another place where dry matter collects and can be a fire hazard. Pine needles, leaves and dried moss catch fire very quickly, so keep them from collecting in gutters and flat areas. This is yet another reason to keep gutters cleaned.

Inspect that Roof.
Check your roof for damage that you may not have known existed. Holes in your roof can allow sparks into the attic where non-fire proof items can catch. Even old, dry tarpaper and sheathing can be a fire danger. Inspect your roof for peace of mind well before the end of June and call an experienced professional Houston roofer if repairs or replacement is necessary.

Meet your Neighbors.
Great advice is to know your neighbors enough to determine how worried you should be in regards to their activities on the Fourth. With familiarity, you should be able to determine what their plans are, while creating a relationship that promotes respect for each other’s property. If you can’t be there to keep an eye on your home, a good neighbor should be able to help you out.

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