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Top 5 Tips For Winterizing Your Roof

Santa On Houston Roof

Winter is here in Houston, TX. When preparing your home to withstand the harsh winter weather, your roof should be at the top of the priority list. A leaking roof that lets in cold rain, cold air or worse, one that breaks down entirely is the last thing you need when the temperature drops. Here are some tips for preparing your roof thoroughly for the winter season.

  1. Clean Out Your Gutters. Clean those gutters completely and preferably with the assistance of a professional. A roofing expert can help you safely complete the project, and give you the peace of mind that no unexpected clogs will emerge when the cold and ice arrive. If eaves are clogged when the cold/freezing rain starts, the water will have no place to go during thaws.
  2. Trim The Trees. It is very important to free up space around your roof by trimming and pruning trees. One bad winter storm might be all it takes to send those limbs flying onto or through your roof or windows causing major damage and costing you a ton of money in repairs.
  3. Safe Footing For Santa. Have worn out caulking replaced and secure any loose flashing. Both of these steps can reduce the possibility of leakage and give Santa’s sleigh a safe place to land. Securing your flashing ensures the only sound you’ll be hearing from your roof is the clatter of hooves and not the loud clanging of metal against your roof or chimney.
  4. A Clean Place To Hang Your Stockings. Speaking of chimneys, make sure it’s clean and ready for yuletide logs. Your chimney should be cleaned twice a year to prevent fires – and Santa will appreciate it. If you aren’t able to clean it yourself, a contractor or professional chimney sweep can do it for you. Be sure to stockpile your firewood and store it someplace cool and dry.
  5. Settle Down For Your Long Winter’s Nap. Finally before settling in for the winter months, check for any interior problem areas. Crawl up into the attic and look for ceiling staining and check for moisture or holes. Especially, keep an eye out for mold or wood warping. Not sure of how to spot these trouble areas? Houston new roofing professionals do this for a living. Give yourself and your family peace of mind knowing your roof and gutters have been fully inspected in preparation for the long winter months by having your roof inspected by Monarch Roofing.

With just these five easy steps, you’re on your way to guaranteeing your family stays safe, dry and nestled all snug in their beds this winter. To learn more about winterizing your roof, getting your roof inspected for free, or to get your home a new roof in Houston, contact Monarch Roofing and speak with an expert in roofing by email or by phone at 832-215-0987

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