How To Check For Roof Damage After Tropical Storm Bill

We just got through Tropical Storm Bill and even if it didn't produce a deluge of rain, high winds alone are able to cause considerable enough damage to your roof to warrant repair or replacement. During major thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes, the force of the wind can tear shingles from the roof or knock objects like tree branches into your roof, so now is the best time to check the condition of your roof.

"Every thunderstorm has a straight-line burst of wind," says Walt Zaleski, a National Weather Service meteorologist. "At 50 to 60 mph, you start seeing damage to homes - trees toppling, power lines coming down, debris blown from your neighbor's house."

The best way to ensure a long-life for your home's roof is by performing regular inspections - especially after storms like the one Houston and Dallas just endured. It's also in your best interest to work with a company like Monarch Roofing that is experienced in working with your insurance company.

What after storm roofing damage to look for:

  • Inspect your attic, ceilings and walls for signs of water damage like water stains.
  • From the ground, check for missing shingles or missing pieces of metal fascia, including any displaced from around the chimney. It's is good to also check the condition of exhaust pipes, valleys, outer edges or angles where the roof meets the walls.
  • If something as big as a tree has fallen on your roof, stay out of your home until a professional can determine if there is any structural damage to the roof and home.
  • If the storm produced hail, check for roof damage as well as siding damage. Hail damage commonly shows as dimples, made by smaller chunks of hail that pound the outer layer of shingles.
  • Stay safe. It's recommended for you to let a roofing professional inspect the roof instead of yourself.

Call your insurance agent

If your home's roof has damage, contact your insurance agent to assess the situation and determine whether you should file a claim and be sure to document any damage that occurred. Keep receipts for all work, including any you do yourself, like covering windows or holes in your roof to get reimbursed. Most policies will cover these expenses when submitted with a claim, says Jerry Hagans, Texas Department of Insurance spokesman.

Hire the right roofer and materials

A company like Monarch that has many years in helping homeowner's with their insurance claims by working with the insurance company is a huge bonus that will help you get your home's roof repaired quickly with few headaches.

Contact us today if you need immediate repairs or to have your roof inspected after tropical storm Bill's rampage. We've got you covered.

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