Beautiful and Lasting Metal Roofing Options for Your Home

You may not have known this, but metal roofing last longer, stands up to the elements and is better for the environment. You’ll find that a new metal roof provides incredible benefits and the investment you make in your roof protects the entire investment of your home. Metal roofing is the surest way to secure the investment you’ve made in your property because it outperforms any other roofing material. Here are some different metal roof options for your home.

Aluminum is, by far, the most affordable of all of the metals to install as a roofing system on your home. It’s highly durable and provides a great, luster and shine. Aluminum is also malleable which makes it easier for roofing contractors to install than some of the other metal options. For highly decorative roofs or roofs that have sharp, sleek lines, aluminum is the best choice.

Stainless Steel
Unlike carbon based steel, stainless steel is a combination of steel and chromium which results in a super strong metal. It is one of the few metals so weather resistant that it can last for more than 100 years. When it comes to shine and luster, you can’t beat stainless steel. If you’re worried about the price of stainless steel, divide the cost of the roof by how long it will last. At more than 100 years, stainless steel has an excellent cost to roof life ratio.

Zinc may seem like an unusual choice, but it is a fantastic material that holds up well in many different climates. It has been used extensively in Europe for almost two centuries and is now gaining popularity in other parts of the world. While it used to just come as a shiny luster sheet, the newest technologies and manufacturing methods have it coming with prepatination – beautiful patina without the wait. This coloring that is added during manufacturing allows roofing contractors to offer the product in different styles and colors.

There is no roofing material that is so widely loved as copper. Copper has been used for centuries as the roofing material of choice due to its ability to resist weather erosion and hold up over time. It offers homeowners a unique look that can transform a standard home into a spectacular masterpiece. While copper is expensive, it is one material that won’t have a myriad of problems over its very long lifespan.

When people hear the word lead, they may be concerned about safety. Lead roofs, however, have been around since the middle ages. This high-quality roofing material provides unparalleled beauty and versatility. It is the favorite among many specialty roofing contractors because it’s an excellent product giving a beautiful finished look.

Before selecting a metal for your roof, take a look at all of your choices. Each metal will offer a unique look and each will give your home a different style. Select the metal that will work with your budget and with your home’s style.

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