Fall is the Best Time to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Winter tends to be the toughest time of year for your home’s roof. If it is going to fail, it will most likely happen during the long, cold winter months. An additional downside to the winter to consider is that it’s the hardest time to get out and do roof repairs when the cold and wet makes it less optimal. We recommend that homeowners start now to get their roofs ready for winter so that they’re in ready for any severe cold weather.

You should have your roof examined every year or two and after every heavy sustained wind storm. Monarch Roofing suggests you hired a professional to thoroughly examine your roof and we even offer a free inspection.

If you prefer to take a look yourself, here are a few maintenance items you should do:

Examine Your Flashings

Metal flashing is usually found at some of the most vulnerable parts of your roof: around the edges of the roof, the chimney, vents and skylights. Flashing is vital to weatherproofing and usually lasts the life of the roofing.

If your house has old, rusty or missing flashings, but with roofing that is still good, just have the bad flash pieces replaced by a professional.

Check the Varge and Fascia Boards

Trim boards at the ends of the roof, which run from the eave to the peak, are called varge boards. The trim boards at the bottom of the roof slope and behind the gutters are your homes fascia boards.

These both protect the roof’s ends and edges and separate the exposed roof framing components from direct exposure to rain or ice and contact with moist gutters.

If any of the varge or fascia are loose or if you have gutter nails sticking out, all it takes is another wind storm or more to bring those loose gutters or boards down. Now is the best time to call in the pros to get this fixed.

When maintained, these items should last for the life of your home.

Inspect Other Parts of the Roof and Gutters

Loose gutters, broken downspouts and vegetation growing on your roof are pretty easy to see from the ground. However, there are many other items that cannot be seen from down below that warrant a check.

Fans, vents, skylights, plumbing vent flashings and any other roof penetrations all need to be carefully examined.

Winter can be tough on your roof, so make sure it is ready for the elements. Have your roof checked now before it is too late. Monarch Roofing can inspect your roof at no-charge.

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