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Nine Great Tips to Finding a Good Roofer

Your home’s roof is one of the most integral parts to protecting your home from the elements and keeping your family safe and warm. So it is important, to find a top roofer you can trust to repair or replace to roof on your most valuable possession.

The Better Business Bureau advises homeowners take the following precautions when looking for a roofer:

  1. If you don’t already have a trusted roofing company like Monarch Roofing, obtain bids from several companies and make sure the specifications of each bid are identical. Ask the contractor to quote you weight per square for composition shingles as this will enable the homeowner to judge the quality of the materials
  2. the heavier the weight per square, the higher the quality.
  3. Ask for a business card and the home headquarters location of the roofing company.
  4. Obtain a BBB Business Review on the roofer easily by giving them a quick look up online at www.bbb.org. You can search by company name, phone number or address. To get an entire list, search by business classification and choose "Roofer."
  5. Make sure the company has the proper licenses for your state. If a building permit is required, make sure that it is included in the contract.
  6. Make sure your roofer carries worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance in case of accidents on the job. Request copies of these policies for your job file.
  7. Ask for and check references. Talk with previous customers, and if possible, look at a similar job that has been completed recently. You can also check online for reviews including checking for a rating on the BBB.
  8. Be wary of fly-by-night repair businesses soliciting work in unmarked vehicles and requiring advance payment. Do not succumb to high-pressure tactics, such as the price is "good only for today."
  9. When the roofing materials arrive at your home, personally check the shingles in the wrappers and make sure what is quoted in the contract is what is sitting outside waiting to go on your house.
  10. Never, ever pay for the entire job in advance. The deposit should generally be close to $1,000 or 10%. Always pay by credit card or check. Make the check out to the roofing company’s name and not an individual person.

If you follow these great tips, you’ll be set to finding a professional and legitimate roofing company like Monarch Roofing. Monarch offers free roof inspections so let us know when you're ready to schedule a visit.

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