Pros Warn People About Potential Scams This Spring

The Better Business Bureau is warning the public about a scam called the "tax imposter scam," also known as the "IRS scam."

"We're getting consumers every day saying I'm getting phone calls saying they are going to arrest me or that I owe back taxes and I need to act immediately," said Amie Mitchell, Tulsa BBB president and CEO.

She said last year it was the top scam reported to the BBB.

"In the last two years we've tracked over 5,000 consumers have lost over $26 million," Mitchell said.

She said residents need to be aware of the imposters acting as IRS agents and there are ways to know if the scam is real.

"The IRS, if you have an issue they are going to mail you something so they are going to contact you by mail or even certified mail before you ever receive a phone call," she said. "So you know it's fake if you haven't gotten anything in the mail so just hang up the phone. That's the easiest way to take care of it."

That's not the only scam hitting close to home this spring.

With the severe weather season comes roofing scams. Un-accredited roofers take advantage of homeowners by overcharging or providing faulty care without showing any kind of licensing. That's why it's best to do research.

It's best to find a reputable company locally like Monarch Roofing with an A+ BBB rating who even offer a free roof inspection.

To learn more about the IRS scam click here or to report to the BBB if the IRS scam has happened to you click here.

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