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When Roof Quotes Seems Too Low

For most home owners, receiving a low roof quote seems like a blessing not a problem, but the opposite is often true. When receiving quotes for roof repair or replacement, most owners are drawn to the lowest offer, but when an offer is inordinately low, there may be some concealed reasons why it is not higher or may be incomplete. Before accepting an unusually low quote, be sure to ask the following questions:

Is the company licensed?
To compete with licensed Houston roofing contractors, non-licensed roofing contractors often undercharge for their services which may not even be worth paying for at all. A roofing license shows that a roofer possesses the requisite knowledge to pass a roofing exam. Without a license, a roofer cannot prove they possess the knowledge necessary to fix or replace your roof correctly.

Is the quote final?
Some roofers issue a low-ball quote with the intention of raising it after commencing the work. Known as bait and switch, this tactic is usually practiced by poorly credentialed contractors who cannot compete with top roofing companies. Before signing that contract, be sure it stipulates that the amount you agree to will be the final amount or else you could receive a surprise when you receive the final bill.

Does the quote include material removal?
New roof quotes should list the cost for materials, labor, and the removal and disposal of the old roof. If you’re having a large roof replaced, the cost of removing old panels or shingles could be significant, hence the need to include the price for material removal in the quote.

Is the cost of labor inexplicably low?
Some contractors attempt to cut corners by hiring inexperienced workers. This is a choice that can backfire when it comes to specialized roofing jobs. Although the roofing trade can be learned in a short period of time, working with certain types of roofs requires extensive training that not all new roofers possess. If you are replacing your roof, or having a major repair performed, you should choose a contractor who uses experienced roofers who possess the necessary training. The money you pay for experienced, well-trained roofers is a wise investment.

Replacing or repairing your roof requires a significant financial commitment, and you may be swayed to look for the lowest possible roof quotes. If a quote seems artificially low however, it may indicate the contractor lacks the proper license, is using an unscrupulous pricing tactic, or has submitted an incomplete quote. In any case, you may stand to be taken advantage of financially.

If a roofing quote seems too good to be true, be sure to investigate its low price by asking questions. The quote may be a great deal by a reputable roofing contractor, but you need to know for sure before you sign the contract.

Good roofing companies do not undercharge for their services. When roof quotes are inordinately low, they should be investigated carefully.

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