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The Importance of Roof Inspections

As the heat of summer finally comes to an end, there are generally a few fall oriented items you’ll need to check off of your home maintenance to-do list and roof inspections should be on the top of that list.

Two important reasons why roofing inspections are a must after summer:

1. Humidity can promote algae, leaks, mold, high energy costs and more.

One of the realities of living in humid climate areas such as Houston is dealing with heat and humidity during the summer. The sticky summers in our area aren’t just uncomfortable for homeowners, they can also cause damage to our roofs.

Humidity can encourage and create the perfect environment for lichen, moss and algae growth on shingles.

Algae and moss can damage your roof as it sticks to the shingles and in some cases can grow beneath the shingles and eventually lift them up. If you see black or green streaks on your roof this is a sign of harmful algae. Algae dissolves the natural limestone in the shingles which in turn makes the shingles weak and start to lose their weatherproofing properties. As the algae spreads across the roof, the shingles become less reflective and in turn absorb more sunlight, which leads to making your home more hot which then increases energy bills.

Humidity can also gather in your attic without proper ventilation. Hot air rises and this air can get trapped inside your attic leading to problematic mold and moisture which not only shortens the life of your roof, but it can also lead to mold concerns throughout your house, increased energy costs and potential damage to structural supports.

The best way to ventilate an attic and ensure a proper intake/outtake combination is to use continuous soffit or fascia vents (intake) and ridge vent (outtake). Just like with the human body, houses need to “breathe”. Also, summer storms can move insulation around and block the soffits so it is a must that you check that they are not blocked.

2. Storms and severe weather damage shingles

Many homeowners hire roofers like Monarch Roofing for after-storm roofing inspections, which can be a regular occurrence during a busy weather summer. Storms pose a threat to your roof in several ways:

- High winds can cause a lifting of shingles, shingle blow-off and granule loss.

- Strong summer hurricane force winds can break the sealant bonds.

- Gutter and downspout runoff from severe storms can cause erosion of the mineral granules, leaks and create algae, mold, fungus, moss. The side walls can also sustain damage.

Damage to your home’s roofing system will injure its ability to keep your home safe from the elements. Assessing roofing damages after the summer is a good routine and procedure to ensure you have secure shelter for your house and family.

A robust, energy efficient roofing system will help keep your home safe while making it more comfortable and energy efficient (and help save on energy bills).

If you suspect that your roof has damage from the summer months, a roofing inspection may be in order. Contact Monarch Roofing for a free inspection before any visible or hidden damage grows worse. You’ll thanks yourself later for the peace of mind a professional roofing inspection can bring.

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