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Refresh Your Home’s Appeal with New Roofing

Refresh Your Home’s Appeal with New Roofing Image

Renewing your home with new siding, installing new energy-efficient windows and giving your home a fresh coat of paint – these are all fantastic ways to heighten curb appeal.

Installing a beautiful new roof though, not only revives the exterior, it also is the most important part of weatherproofing and insulating your home.

Though your roof may have never leaked before, this doesn’t mean the original new roof install went smoothly. In fact, problems due to incorrect or just plain bad installation often don’t show up for years down the road.

In addition to leaks, there are other signs that indicate your roof needs attention:

  • Is your roof 15 years or older?
    Depending on the type of roof installed on your home, it could last far longer than 15 years, but it is around this time that many roofs start to decay. Pay careful attention and keep an eye on it in order to catch any issues before they become a huge and pricey problem.
  • Do you have missing or torn shingles?
    Missing or torn shingles expose the roof to water damage and rot. Sometimes you won’t even notice until a bad rain or ice storm blows through town (like recently in Dallas, Texas). Missing shingles also make nearby shingles more susceptible to being blown off in a storm or hard wind. Plus, old shingles start to curl, split and lose their protective waterproof effectiveness.
  • Is there rusted or missing flashing?
    Flashing is the metal that surrounds chimneys, skylights and vent pipes and often is found in the valleys where roof sections meet. Rusted or missing flashing often results in leaks along with very expensive damage to the home’s interior.
  • Are the gutters and downspouts in good condition?
    Check gutters, downspouts and splash pans for evidence of decay. Broken pieces of paint and scraps of roofing may be visible, possibly indicating damage that should be inspected (Monarch Roofing offers free roof inspections!).
  • Are your interior walls and ceilings deteriorating?
    Inside your home, look for discolored sheetrock or cracked paint and peeling wallpaper. These sorts of thing can indicate an undiscovered leak.

Another item to keep in mind: Ventilation. When a new roof costs between $5,000 and $10,000 and lasts only 12 to 15 years, in some cases, it is a troublesome brand of materials. More often, however, inadequate attic ventilation is the culprit. A proper ventilation system in your new roof may be the difference between a successful, long-lived roof or a complete failure in a very short period of time. Ventilation can be a very wise investment.

If you decide that your roof is beyond repair and you need a new roof installed, Monarch Roofing has been the preferred choice for many Houstonians for decades as evidenced in our many great Google Reviews.

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